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Smile Secret - does it really work? REVIEW (+ Code)

Smile Secret - I am pretty sure you already heared this brand name at least once on Instagram.
If you want to know if this bleaching kit for whiter teeth is really worth the money, keep reading.

First things first: If you follow my blog or Instagram (@vanessaworth.me) for a while now, 
you already know I am always super honest, even I have to say something negativ about a brand
or product and they stop cooperating with me (already happend :D).
I don't care about it, cause in my opinion people follow me just for this reason - just because
they know I would never promote a product which is trash haha.

But let's move on to my review about SMILE SECRET.

When this brand reached out to me, I was super excited to try their products out and to see if this
works as good as everyone is telling me on Instagram. ( I swear, nearly every second Story was a
smile secret advertising which made me very scaptical)
The products arrived and I started testing the bleaching kid out. 

This is more then one year ago. And I still using it. 
Guess this says everthing, but let  me explain some points in detail. 

Before Smile Secret I already used bleaching stripes of another brand and oh hell, my teeth were
hurting everytime I used them. I never stopped, because they worked, but I knew this couldn't be
good for my teeth. The Smile Secret Kid don't hurt at all and it work freaking good in
just 16 minutes! I am bleaching my theeth around 1-2 times a week and I still using my
first package which was the Smile Secret Complete Kid. I swear, I got the feeling it lasts
for ever! :D Additionally I am a smoker and a coffee addicted person, which means my teeth got a lot
of discoloration day by day. But thanks god, that Smile Secret reached out to me, cause since one
year I could bleach my teeth without any pain and with such a good result. I filmed a little video
where I show the application and the result, so feel free to have a look below!

Additionally if you want to buy your own kid, you can use my 35% off code VANESSA

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