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I WANT TO BE HAPPY - personal thoughts

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Good evening my friends!
I am not quite sure why, but in the last weeks I thought a lot about being happy and what kind of things made/make me happy. Something changed my oppinion about my priorities. For a long time I thought I could only be happy, when I am able to get what I want, could go shopping when ever I want and buy what ever I want.
As you can see, those are all material things. Of cause, my family and friends make me happy as well, but the thing is : Since two/three years I always wanted more, without realising, that I absolutely could be happy with the things I already have.

Since ever one of the most important things for me was freedom. But in which moments did I really felt free? I ask myself this question again and again. Cause if freedom is so important for me, I need to find a way to live a life where I feel free most of the time for being happy.

I am feeling free, when the sun shines on my skin.
I am feeling free, when I can smell the salt of the ocean.
I am feeling free when I see palmtrees shaking in the wind.
I am feeling free when I could dig my toes into warm sand.
I am feeling free when I make photos in the nature while music is playing loudly into my ears.
I am feeling free when I drink coffee in the morning with the view on mountains.
I am feeling free when I am on the rooftop of a house with the view over bangkok, berlin or la specia.
I am feeling free when I am in the middle of nowhere under a sky full of stars.

Freedom for me means traveling. That's what I want to do. Seeing the world. I realised that I had to travel more. I have to work harder and buy less bullshit. Material things make you happy for the moment, but adventures and experiences will stay in your heart for ever,

What makes you happy? Think about it deeply and start living the life you want.

The next five month will be full of work for me, but it's worth it, cause after that I finally will go on a adventure and feeling free again. ♥

traveling, travel, flight, tumblr, holiday, holidays, mailand, milano, ocean, sea, love, view, italy, schweiz

5 Kommentare

  1. Mein Kommentar zu diesem tollen Text kommt persönlich...bin unendlich stolz auf Dich

  2. Genauso sehe ich das auch . Harte Arbeit muss sich auszahlen. Durch die harte Arbeit weißt du das du dir das Reisen verdient hast. Jeder Ort hat schöne Plätze deshalb Reise viel, erkunde die Welt dann spürst du wie viel Spaß das Leben macht.

  3. Du hast sehr gute und gute Gedanken! In meiner Kindheit träumte ich viel von Reisen.

    Ich habe ständig darüber nachgedacht. Und jetzt, wenn ich schon erwachsen bin, reise ich in jedem Urlaub in verschiedene Länder. Die letzte
    meiner Reisen war die Antarktis Tour. Es war eine wunderbare Tour für 11 Tage auf einem großen Kreuzfahrtschiff.

    Ich war begeistert von der ungewöhnlich schönen Natur und der frischen eisigen Luft!