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CLASSIC DIARY [1] - The Great Berry

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Whats up guys - it's 00:16am and I am thinking about yesterday and my plans for 2018. First of all, I met two pretty nice girls yesterday in cologne. We known each other from Instagram and we decided to met in real life for a lunch. Location was 'The great Berry' in cologne and I really have to say: those bowls are killing! I love love love to eat and I was realy sceptical if a smoothie bowl could make me well-fed...
It does. Additionally I got the feeling I had to roll throuh the cafe, cause I was damn full. The great Berry is such a cute cafe (every single place was occupied!) and the food looks super cute also. Of cause it is just perfect for instagram pictures. :) Moreover I was thinking about writing more often on the blog and creating a new category called 'classic diary'. It doesn't mean, that I will write a blogpost every single dayt, but more often little texts about my day and what is going on in my life. Maybe I could write texts like a weekly diary or something like that. Hm... I am still thinking about it. :)

That's it today - gonna sleep now, wish you sweet dreams! ♥ 
xoxo Ness

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