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"I hate the new Instagram Algorithm!" "I just recive a half of likes I've got a year ago with less
followers!" "It's not funny anymore, I want the old algorithm back!" 

Do you remember saying one of those sentences in the last three month? Guess everyone is talking
about it - the change of the Instagram Algorithm. Additionally seems like everybody is hating the
change and want the good, old timeline algorithm back. But this won't happen. So what can we do for
getting our good engagement back and still growing on Instagram, where it seems like growing isn't
possible anymore?

I will give you some short and easy tips, how you can still grow your account and getting more
likes and followers despite the new algorithm. But let me introduce myself shortly and why I should
think I can give you tips which really work.

For those who didn't know - my name is Vanessa and I worked besides my studies as a Social Media
Manager. This was way after I started my blog and Instagram Chanel. I also got that punch in my
face from Instagram, I also lost likes, follower and engagement. That was the moment I realised that
all my knowledge I had from my work wasn't enough for me to safe myself from the new algorithm.
I started to educate myself every evening (and sometimes while sitting in the university too lol). This
is now 3 month ago and I've learned a lot. Some informations and tips I already shared with my
friends and all were pretty thankful. So I thought - why not helping others with the same problem?
Thats why I am sitting here at 10pm and writing down all the sh*t I know, for you guys. :) 

Short disclaimer: I will start with some basics today and will go deeper into the algorithm with every
blog post the next weeks, because this topic is way too complex for just one post. So keep checking
my blog, I will post weekly (every monday) new stuff about the new instagram algorithm and
how it works.

Todays topic: 


One of the most importent things is to post constantly. Which doesn't mean you have to post every
day! Of cause, this would be great, but what it meens is to post in regular intervals. Instagram will
'remember' if you are posting every 24h, 48h... That's important cause if Instagram is knowing, you
are posting in a specific interval, it could understand when you are activ and could optimise the time
your post will be shown to your audience. Additionally the more often you are posting, the more
often people could interact with your account and build a strong realtionship with it. I will talk more
about bulding a relationship to your audience in a new blogpost soon, cause this is definitely one of
THE most iportant things to do on Instagram.

Guess everyone knows that hashtags could make a hudge difference! But how many hashtags do you
should use? This question is pretty torn on the internet - some experts say only 5 to 7 relevant
hashtags are necessary, others say you should use all possible 30 hashtags. In my opinion you should
use as much as you can. More hashtags = more people you can reach. BUT ATTENTION! If you
really want to use 30 hashtags, use still relevant ones for your profile and post. It's not conducive to
post for example a fashion post with general hashtags like #likeforlike or #love. It is pretty okay to
love the picture you are posting, but nobody will search for the hashtag #love to see an outfit post ;)
Some more hashtag tips and how you could find the perfect ones for your account will be topic of
the next blogpost on 05/20/19.

Yes - it is still relevant when to post, even the timeline doesn't extist anymore. Why? Let me explain
it with an example. Maybe you post 10am in the morning and your audience will come online at
12am. Seems like not much time has passed. But if your audience will scroll through their feed, they
will first see posts which were posted maybe around 11:55, 11:48, 11:45. Cause Instagram is
thinking hose posts have maybe similar hashtags to yours, BUT they are newer and are more
relevant because of that. Try to figure out when your audience is online and try to post at this time.
If you don't have a business account on Instagram and you don't have instagram insights there are a
lot of apps which could help you to figure out, when the perfect time is for posting. My personal
recommendation is the app "When to post".

Just a very simple option to reach more people in your city/country. Mark your location when
posting next time. It's like a special, very intense 31. Hashtag which brings you more traffic to your
post! Statistics say, that the Geo Tag brings around 30% more clicks to your picture, then pictures
without a geo tag! I absolutely recommend to try this out.

Last but not least - did you already thought about liking the comments of your LAST post after
posting a new picture? It's like a remeber to your audience that you still exist. Additionally you will
pop up in the notifications of your followers and because of that, some of them will check your
profile again and will see your new picture. More chances to get more likes fast, right? I tried this
out and really saw a difference!

Wow - writing down all this stuff was so much fun and I am looking forward to prepare the part two!
I really hope you enjoyed the first part of my Instagram tips series and I will see you again here on
my blog next monday when I will share more about HOW TO REACH THOUSAND PEOPLE

I really hope my tips will help you. Let me know if you think those tips are helpful and which do
you already use / which u want to try out!

xx Vanessa

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